About me

Iris Steiner, MA

Sternäckerweg 50b/02
8041 Graz, Austria

Phone: + 43 (0) 664 51 45 699

Email: office@irissteiner.at

(Simultaneous) interpreter/translator
for the waste and recycling industries

Linguistic know-how meets technical expertise

German – Italian – English



2018 From October present

University of Leoben, Austria

BSc in Recycling Engineering

On-going Bachelor’s degree in Recycling Engineering from the University of Leoben

2004 October 2010 March

University of Vienna, Austria

MA in Conference Interpreting

Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting (simultaneous interpreting) from the University of Vienna with the languages German (A), Italian (B) and English (C)

2008 October 2009 February

Università degli Studi di Trieste, Italy

Semester study

Semester study at the Scuola di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori (SSLMIT) from the University of Trieste, Italy

2004 October 2007 December

University of Vienna, Austria

BA in Translating and Interpreting

Bachelor’s degree in translating and interpreting from the University of Vienna with German (A), Italian (B) and English (C)

My specialisation

Further training

2018 October

ARGE Müllvermeidung Graz, Austria

Waste management training

Waste management training by the Provincial Government of Styria, Austria.

1st training unit –  waste types and waste sorting + lecture and guided tour of Saubermacher’s plastic waste sorting facility.

2nd training unit – biogenic waste and composting + guided tour of the Pongratz family’s agricultural composting facility in Dobl-Zwaring.

3rd training unit – waste prevention and reuse + guided tour of the re-use shop ‘Carla & Paul’, guided tour of the zero waste supermarket ‘Das Dekagramm’, which sells package-free food and other low-waste products, and visit to Compuritas – a company that re-uses (refurbishes) computer and IT hardware.


Chamber of Commerce Carinthia, Austria

Workshop on the (new) German orthography

Workshop on the (new) German orthography given by the President of the Austrian Translator’s and Interpreters Association Universitas Austria, Mag. Dagmar Jenner, in Klagenfurt (Austria).

2017 October 2018 January

University of Leoben, Austria

University lecture on thermal waste treatment

Attended the university lecture on thermal waste treatment


Waste as fuel – introduction

Principles of the following processes: drying, incineration, gasification and pyrolysis

Grate, fluid bed and rotary combustion processes

Waste treatment in thermal production processes (metallurgy, cement etc.)

Designing waste incineration plants

Slug recovery

2017 November

Rimini, Italy


Visited Italy’s most important fair for the green & circular economy in Rimini.

Workshop attended in Italian during the fair:

Waste as a resource

Implementing the circular economy: innovative solutions and environmental impact

Selected topics from the workshop:

The CESME project
Project Urban_Wins Horizon 2020
Plastics as a fuel
Copper recycling
Recovery of critical raw materials (CRM)
Recovery of C & D waste containing asbestos

What’s next?

  • Energy Talk, 22/01/2020, Graz, Austria

My clients


Your work is complex, requiring development, testing, and highly technical documentation and marketing texts for a global audience. When the stakes are high, you need a trusted partner you can rely on.

Your customers deserve the best possible experience from you. I’m here to help you provide it.

Would you like to know more? Check out my portfolio, phone me on +43 664 51 45 699 or write me an email.


Seeing is believing

Take a look at my portfolio to discover what I can do for you.



Excellent translations are not a mere product of chance and can save you from serious risk. When the stakes are high, you need a translator with exceptional language skills, translation competence and specialist knowledge – a business partner you can rely on.

Clear and precise translations are crucial in engineering. Avoid serious headaches caused by ambiguous and awkward phrasing in technical texts such as technical reports and CE documentation.



Let your (potential) clients know that you truly speak their language. As a translator specialising in the environmental sector, I know the industry and can turn your thoughts into a compelling text in another language. Achieve outstanding results in the shortest possible time with the help of my free briefing before the project starts and the fine-tuning at the end. Your brand, your style – in German, Italian and English.

More information on creative translation can be found here.


Power workshops

Acquire key skills in just 2 days

At the power workshop I make sure you master your day-to-day business in English with ease. Practical sessions for small groups of up to 10 participants that cover a wide variety of topics all tailored to your company.

I offer workshops on the following topics:


  • Trade fair preparation (talking about/selling your machines, facilities and plants in English)
  • Business and e-mail correspondence
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Complaint management



When fast, high-quality, simultaneous or consecutive interpreting is mission critical, you’ve got the right person. Almost a decade of experience and specialised training means you can expect crystal clear communication at all times. Zero ambiguity prevents misunderstandings and saves you and your employees precious time and money.

Creative translations


Translation vs. creative translation

Basic translations usually do not generate sales

The right choice of words is key, especially in advertising copy. It’s no accident that we talk about Velcro instead of hook-and-loop fastener, Kleenex instead of tissue in everyday life. Some brands are so successful with their marketing strategy that they are now rooted in your vocabulary.

In case of a regular translation (e.g. technical reports) the content must be 100% faithful to the original and translated as precisely as possible into the desired language. Often such a translation even comes with comments if no suitable term exists in the other language. Style and elegance are mostly lost and the texts can sound awkward and not very appealing.

What is transcreation?

The word transcreation merges two words: translation and creation. It’s almost an art and requires careful crafting and tweaking to preserve the original’s intent, context, style, and tone. The goal of transcreation is to duplicate the message thoughtfully, without people realising they are reading a translation. The finished product should give the same look and feel as the original message. It’s translation taken to the premium level and usually kicks off with a creative brief.

My offer and my strengths


German – English
German – Italian


English – German
English – Italian


Italian – German
Italian – English


  • am open & direct.
  • love to get down to business.
  • don’t like pointless tasks.

I believe in the powerful combination of linguistic know-how and technical expertise.

Reliability, confidentiality, technical expertise and first-class service are what I provide. Special requests are more than welcome.


Unity makes strength

I don’t always have the time or expertise to work on certain texts. Texts for publication, for example, also require proofreading by a second, qualified translator. In these cases, I work on the texts with my team – always discussed with you in advance.

My reliable partners

Iris Steiner, MA
Sternäckerweg 50b/02
8041 Graz – Austria

Email: office@irissteiner.at
Phone: +43 664  51 45 699

Office hours:
Monday – Friday: 09.00 am to 05.00 pm (CET)

VAT number: ATU68190904